Styleguide: Modern pompadour

Styleguide: Modern pompadour

What is a modern pompadour?

The modern pompadour is a stylish variation on a tough classic style. Although the modern pompadour haircut for men is one of the most popular looks in barbershops today, styling the modern pompadour can be a challenge for men who have no experience working with pomade or hair wax.

Does the modern pompadour suit you?

Since the modern pompadour has different heights, widths and thicknesses, there is a good chance that there is also a variant that is suitable for you. However, it is important to immerse yourself in it in advance. The first step is to find a modern pompadour haircut that suits your face well. This style should complement your alter ego and not overshadow you. Second, you need to find a stylist who has experience cutting a modern pompadour.

Advantages of a modern pompadour

  • Iconic haircut
  • Stylish variation on a tough classic style
  • Do you like styling? Great, because the Modern Pompadour requires some attention!

Styling tips: the do's & don'ts of the modern pompadour

To learn how to style a modern pompadour, it is important to know that you need good hair styling products. Hair wax and pomade are the best to use, as they both have a strong hold and ensure that your hairstyle maintains its height all day long. This is important because the modern pompadour style effectively defies gravity to maintain volume and doesn't stay in place on its own, so you'll need a fair amount of hair product to keep this style in check all day long!

Below you will see a series of products that you can use to keep your modern pompadour in perfect shape throughout the day.

The best pomade for a modern pompadour

  1. Suavecito - Firm Hold Pomade
  2. Uppercut Deluxe - Pomade
  3. Lard - Blue Pomade

The best grooming spray for a modern pompadour

  1. Suavecito - Grooming Spray
  2. Lard - Grooming Tonic Spray
  3. Layrite - Grooming Spray