Styleguide: Comb over fade

Styleguide: Comb over fade

W hat is a comb over fade?

The comb over fade haircut became popular in the 1920s and has made a big comeback today. The comb is no longer only seen among the vintage aficionados, but has made a comeback as a modern and soft hair choice. Adding a modern twist, such as a fade, refreshes the vintage cut and creates a stylish and edgy option for any modern man.

Does the comb over fade suit you?

The comb over fade is generally a flattering cut, which - when you have this face shape - makes your head and face appear less round or circular. Just be sure to take care when styling the top, especially if you notice a few hairs left in the sink when you wash your hair. A comb over fade haircut makes hair appear thinner. That means thin hair looks even thinner. If you are balding, a buzz cut or caesar cut fade hairstyle would suit you much better.


Advantages of a comb over fade

  • Popular classic with a modern twist
  • Perfect hairstyle for a round face

Styling: the do's & don'ts of the comb over fade

The comb over fade is a classic style that is simply brushed with the hair's natural growth. Using a parting, the hair is swept back and to the side, emphasizing volume and healthy hair growth. The comb over fade is best achieved by using a comb and hair dryer. For the finish, for example, choose a matte finish with a small amount of hair wax, in contrast to a pomade that leaves a shine. This is commonly referred to as a loose comb.

Below we have prepared a series of products for you to get your comb over fade completely in-perfect shape!

For the comb over fade you need a matte styling product with a high volume and a good hold.

The best styling products for a comb over fade

  1. Uppercut Deluxe - Clay
  2. Firsthand Supply - Clay Pomade
  3. Hanz de Fuko - Claymation

We recommend that you use combs for your comb over fade with which you can use the clean line on the parting.

The best accessories for a comb over fade

  1. Taylor of Old Bond Street - JT719 Comb
  2. Shear Revival - Volumizing Comb
  3. By Vilain - XL Comb