Styleguide: Buzz cut

Styleguide: Buzz cut

What is a Buzz Cut?

The buzz cut (or buzzcut, wiffle cut) is basically a collective name for short 'buzzed' haircuts, i.e. cropped hair. The buzz cut is the hairstyle that can become your best friend, especially in the summer! With a buzz cut you walk out the door without even looking in the mirror. Your haircut is always good. That's why the buzz cut is traditionally a real marine haircut. The buzz cut is easy to maintain and works well with almost any face shape. Looking for a hairstyle that exudes confidence and is very practical? Then you don't have to look any further, because your answer is: the buzzcut!

What should you pay attention to?

Have you never had a shaved haircut before? Then you will notice that you will be extra cold in the spring and autumn. Are you saying goodbye to your longer haircut before summer starts? Then we recommend that you rub your head with a little sunscreen to prevent the burning of the scalp - which sees sunlight for the first time. Do you have scars or dents on your head? Keep in mind that these will become visible.

Benefits of the buzz cut

  • Easy way to change your look
  • The buzz cut is low maintenance
  • Gray hair and/or hair loss? The buzz cut obscures this
  • The buzz cut is cheap to maintain

Styling tips: the do's & don'ts of the buzz cut

With the buzz haircut it is important to find the right length. Keep it short and sleek for a provocative look, or a little longer for a relaxed look. Brush your hair from front to back for extra control and smoothness. For example, rub a little cream through your hair for a refined finishing touch! It is also important with the buzz cut to keep it at a good length, this prevents your haircut from looking unkempt. So have your hair trimmed regularly at the hairdresser, once every 2 or 3 weeks is sufficient. Of course you can also keep track of your buzz cut haircut yourself. In this case, first make sure your hair is clean and dry. Wet hair sticks together, which not only makes it difficult to get a good result, but you also run the risk of clogging the clippers.

Masking styling

In principle, you do not need any styling for the buzz cut. Buzz cut hairstyles are often applied when the hair starts to fall out or when the hair turns gray. Then a masking product is recommended.

  1. Morgan's - Hair Darkening Pomade
  2. Beardburys - Color Hair Pomade
  3. Barber Mind - Ink Pomade

The best styling products for texture and hold

If your buzz cut gets a little longer, it's nice to have a product at hand that keeps the hair sleek and tidy. You will then get a little more texture and perhaps a little shine in your hair. A texture and hold styling then completes your haircut. For this we recommend the following products:

  1. BluMaan - Hybrid Cream Clay
  2. Layrite - Natural Matte Cream
  3. Shear Revival - Loyal Sea Clay Styling Balm

The best hair care products for a buzz cut

And last but not least: hair care for your buzz cut. A good oil or shampoo should be enough to keep that short haircut happy.

  1. Shear Revival - Loom Shampoo
  2. Forte Series - Argan Oil
  3. Shear Revival - Progress All Purpose Oil