How should you pluck your eyebrows as a man?

Hoe moet je als man je wenkbrauwen epileren?

Eyebrows. In men. They come in many guises. From insignificant, unobtrusive thin flax to compassionate brushes that former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers (RIP) could still suck at the time. If you let them grow long enough you could possibly 'comb them back' so that it looked like you still had a good head of hair. Just kidding.

In the past it didn't matter too much. Knots rolled up their sleeves and heroes who literally worked up a sweat. Only on Sunday morning the face was mowed and that was it. Those islands of hairs above the eyes were just part of it. But: how different it is now. Besides the fact that you look impeccable, haircut folded in the right cut, freshly shaved or have a royal beard, eyebrows now also play an important role in your overall appearance. They are in your face! But how do you do that exactly. Streamlining a properly pronounced eyebrow. Just go over it with a trimmer , use the scissors or surgically with razor-sharp tweezers at the ready?

Let us serve you at your beck and call.

Less pain? Warm or cool the eyebrows first!

If you want to start plucking the eyebrows as comfortably as possible without the tears jumping into the eyes, it is advisable to first heat the hair strips well by means of a hot shower or to massage them with a warm damp towel. This opens the pores, making hair removal less painful. Another way of 'sedating' is the use of ice. Obviously not with a sticky Magnum or with support from your friends Ben & Jerry's. No. A cracking ice cube will do. If you rub this over the eyebrows, you numb the hair follicles, making it a little more comfortable to remove the unwilling hairs with the tweezers.

Look, it will never be really fun, but if the result is there, you are still a happy man!

Measure out = Know

Before tackling the eyebrows, it is wise (and useful) to first carefully measure how the lines of your eyebrows run. Check with a ruler, thread or pencil between the nostrils to next to the point between the eyebrows. The skin in between may be depilated. With tweezers.

Comb and trim eyebrows

Before you start epilating, it is extremely effective to get started with a small pair of scissors and ditto comb. A mascara brush – borrow it from your other half for the sake of convenience – actually works best. Unless, of course, you have your own cosmetic brush. That is of course also possible. With this miniscule instrument you comb the unwilling hairs above or below the line of the eyebrow. Then it is easy to cut it away above the skin with small scissors. When you do that in front of the mirror, it's a fairly easy exercise. You will see that if you get the hang of it, this is a piece of cake.

Bonus: the hairs you've cut how you can't remove anymore. Gain!

Epilating the eyebrows correctly

Well. Men and epilation. The ladies have elevated it to an art. Is almost intertwined in their DNA and we still have to get this noble ART of hair removal in the right way in those fists. But practice makes perfect stripes. When the pores are open after heating, it is important that you use good tweezers. Sharpness is key. Comfortable is different, but if the ladies can tolerate pain, we will certainly not riot about this!

Pull out the hairs in the direction they grow with the tweezers. This way it becomes a little less painful. Use clean and sharp tweezers to do this. Make sure you grab the hair as close to the root as possible. C'est tout! Oh yeah. Of course you can also update the hair with a trimmer, but then you run the risk of suddenly mowing away too much hair. Or such that no eyebrows are visible anymore. Of course it doesn't look like that. Then it seems, to the viewer, as if you have stepped out of a UFO, given the compassionate expression you radiate. In addition, you get all the shape out of the eyebrow that should accentuate your face. Of course you can also leave it to the professionals. The barber. Or you can possibly ask your wife to handle the pain iron . Anyway, just try. You'll see that it's all okay!

Oh yes, with excellent tools you simply achieve the greatest successes. For example, check out the high-tech tweezers that we have on our shelves. Rumors are that Mr. Spock not only defied his intergalactic eyebrows with it, but that this Vulcan also attacked the black hairs in his pointed ears with it. Successful. Despite his quote: “Beauty is transitory”.

Scotty, just beam below…


Rockwell-Tweezer Set

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DOVO – Manicure Set Deluxe

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You don't have to worry about damaging sensitive skin because of the high precision with which you can remove hairs.

So that we like to make your life more painless.

Your friends, The Alpha Men.