How best to remove nose hair

Hoe je het beste neushaar kan verwijderen

It's a strange fact that as you get older, hair starts to disappear in places where you would like it, and starts to grow in places where you absolutely don't want it. Your back, shoulders, ears and especially your nose.

There is actually nothing wrong with nose hair. But when it gets so long that it sticks out your nostrils, it can be a big letdown. It just looks very unkempt if I have to put it nuanced. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove nose hair. However, not all ways are so good for your nose. In fact, you can suffer a lot if you do it wrong. We therefore recommend that you only shorten the hair that is too long.

Why not remove all nasal hairs?

Of course those nose hairs are there for a reason. All people have nose hair for a good reason. It's meant to keep debris out of your nasal cavity. If you remove all hairs, all dirt and dust can easily accumulate in your nasal cavity. Bacteria then have a free hand. It can lead to infections and inflammation. And that is really no fun in your nose. So keep track of them. Do not remove them completely.

What is the best way to remove nose hairs?

Okay, so don't remove it completely. Just the long hair. How do you do that then? There are several ways to remove nose hairs. But we strongly advise against a number of ways. All ways that pull out your nose hairs are not good and can even be dangerous.

wax nose hair

Why you shouldn't pull out your nose hair

In your nasal cavity, hairs are stuck with hair follicles. When you pull out a hair, you pull the hair out of the bag, leaving an open wound. Bacteria can settle in that wound, which can cause serious infections. You will also have a nasal cavity infection before you know it. An infection in your nose can easily travel to the brain, which can have even more serious consequences.

don't pull out your nose hair

Do not wax or epilate the nose hairs

So don't get started with tweezers. Epilating nose hair with tweezers is just pulling the hairs out. It is also better not to wax your nose hairs. With this you pull out everything that has twice the risk. All hairs are then out and your nasal cavity is completely open and unprotected, while you have all open wounds in your nose from waxing. In addition, plucking or waxing is not exactly the most pleasant way to remove nose hair.

Cut nose hair

Trimming the nose hairs is something that is done a lot. That's fine in principle. You do need special scissors intended for nose hair. This has round ends. The disadvantage of this method is that it is difficult to find all the hairs and you can easily injure yourself. So be careful with such scissors.

Best nose trimmer

Trimming nose hair

Trimming your nose hair is actually the easiest way to remove your nose hair. You push the trimmer in your nose and the hairs are nicely cut by the device. The disadvantage is of course that you have to replace batteries every time and that a good nose hair trimmer costs quite a bit of money.

Our solution for trimming your nose hair

Meet the Dovo Klipette from the Dovo brand. A nose hair trimmer that is made entirely of stainless steel and for which you do not need batteries or electricity. You only have to turn the handle and your hair will be removed effortlessly. Absolutely painless and not dangerous for your nasal cavity. A one-time investment that will last a lifetime due to its solid build quality. Compact enough to put in your pocket.

Best nose hair trimmer

This is our favorite way to remove nose hair and of course also the most sustainable.

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