Why growing a beard is actually very healthy: 6 hard facts

Waarom een baard groeien eigenlijk heel gezond is: 6 kneiterharde feiten

To grow a beard or not? That's the question you ask yourself a few times before you get started. There are several considerations that can play a role in whether or not to grow a beard. What is not often talked about is that beard growth is very healthy for your face!

Apart from being stylish, taking advantage of a number of health benefits is also a bonus! It's time to shed some light on how facial hair not only makes you look super masculine, but it's also healthy for you. In this article, we're going to talk about the benefits of growing a beard and why it's healthy for you!

You are more attractive with a beard

Yes, you are more attractive with a beard! An Australian study in which 8,520 women were shown photos of men with and without beards showed that having a beard can put you a big step ahead. The women had to rate the different men on their degree of attractiveness, and whether the man in question was good for a one-night stand or for a (short) relationship. What turned out?

In 9 out of 10 cases, the men with a mature beard were seen as relationship material. This is not surprising when you look at evolution and psychology. A thick head of facial hair is a sign of health. The thicker and fuller your beard is, the healthier you are. And that in turn means that you would be well able to provide for a family.

Increases your self-confidence

Believe it or not, research has shown that when you have a beard you actually subconsciously trigger something in people, which makes people around you respect you more and value your views more. A beard has always been a sign of wisdom in men. You will feel more self-confident when you look in the mirror and the people around you will reinforce this self-confidence unnoticed.

Less chance of infections and rashes

A beard ensures that you have less chance of infections by, for example, the MRSA bacteria (hospital bacteria). This bacterial infection is one of the most common infections that develop after shaving. Because shaving is not necessary if you have a beard, you are less likely to get nasty infections. By not having to shave you also prevent shaving rash, wounds, inflammation due to ingrown hairs and itching.

UV Protection

Beard hair protects your face from harmful UV rays. The fuller your beard and the thicker the hair thickness of the beard hairs, the better you protect your face against the influences of the sun. Hair has a reflective effect, the sun's rays are blocked in this way. Although some UV rays always manage to get through your beard, your beard disrupts the direct sunlight on your skin, so damage is always limited, handy!

Natural insulation

It is freezing and a cold wind is blowing. Your face won't suffer from it, because your beard forms a natural insulating layer , which protects you against cold and wind! The longer and fuller the beard, the better it isolates your face.

Another additional advantage; science says beards lower the risk of catching a cold because the neck is kept warm. This allows your body to better maintain its temperature.

Protects you from allergies

Beards can also prevent and/or remedy allergies. According to science, beards trap small amounts of pollen, dust and other allergens. By walking around with these allergens on your face every day, you actually strengthen your immune system in a completely natural way. This can reduce allergic reactions.

Make sure you keep taking good care of yourbeard . If you are sensitive to allergies, a constant accumulation of allergens in your beard is of course not a good idea.

Which products stimulate beard growth?

There are several things you can do to give your growing beard an extra boost. In addition to leaving your growing beard alone and choosing a healthy lifestyle (perhaps the most important thing), we have a number of product tips that can help you make the process go just that little bit faster.

1. Moisturize your beard with beard oil

Beard oil is a wonderful product that moisturizes and nourishes your beard hair and the skin underneath. Your beard hair will become softer and smoother over time. Do you opt for a beard oil with added vitamins B6, E and C? Top! These vitamins stimulate the production of new skin cells and in this way promote beard growth!

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2. Take care of your beard with beard shampoo and conditioner

It's great that you leave your beard alone, but every now and then it really needs a good wash. This way you ensure that you don't get itchy and that excess sebum is removed. This way pimples don't stand a chance and you keep your beard in perfect condition. A special beard shampoo and conditioner can help you with this.

A beard shampoo or conditioner is very mild, it does not dry out your beard and knows how to take care of your beard perfectly. Leftovers such as food residues (yes, they remain behind, also in your beard) are washed out well in this way.

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3. Remove dead skin cells regularly with a beard brush

Your skin is always busy renewing itself and sheds dead skin cells in the process. These dead skin cells linger in your beard. Do you have oily skin? Then the dead skin cells can cause your pores to become clogged, which can cause pimples and beard dandruff.

Small inflammations knock on and ensure that beard growth decreases and that your beard hairs are damaged. And you don't want that! To prevent this, it is important to brush your beard regularly. You can do this with a beard brush.

Abeard brush exfoliates dead skin cells from your cheeks and chin. This prevents itching and your skin will be much better able to absorb nutrients (for example from a beard oil). And this is beneficial for the growth rate of your beard!

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