The most common mistakes that damage your beard

De meest gemaakte fouten die jouw baard beschadigen

If you are in possession of a (masculine) beard you cherish it to the max . You touch it with love. You run your fingers through the mass of hair and nod approvingly into the world. viking like. After all, it took you months to let your facial artwork grow and form it into a piece of art. However, you can unintentionally damage your carefully coiffed beardy (or have it damaged). There are a number of causes for this without you knowing that your beard will be damaged.

About 'caressing it with love', the following: do that as little as possible. If you continuously stroke a beard, it will get stressed. If he loses essential oils, he starts to fluff and that exhausts the hair. Think of it as your other half. He also prefers that you do not pick at Mrs. all day long. Or pulls. Or rubs. Or squeezes. Or pushes.

So let's keep you safe and make sure you take all our advice to heart. All this for the benefit of your pride!

What are the consequences if you don't clean your beard properly?

Of course, you should not neglect your beard and it therefore deserves to be cleaned at the right pace. If you don't clean a beard properly, it will become stale and can smell. He therefore looks unhealthy. The 'wanderer design'. Not good sir.


  • Wash your beard every 3 days with a natural moisturizing beard shampoo & beard conditioner
  • When you take a shower, so don't scrub every day
  • Use a high-quality beard brush or beard comb . Do this several times a day to remove any accumulated dirt. When you start working with the right instrument, you also ensure that you distribute the natural oils over the hair
  • Gently massage (every day) an excellent beard balm or oil

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A beard may never be promoted to a food waste hangar. Herbs and dyes also affect the health and colors of the beard hairs. For example, when you consume roti, you are dealing with curry in most cases. And if you don't rinse this substance out of your beard quickly after eating, it will discolor. In addition, herbs can have a negative impact on the health of the hair. Biting Herbs! And such a poor little beard can't defend itself. A boar hair beard brush is ideal for conditioning and cleaning your beard

How does the weather affect your beard?

Various weather types do have an effect on the health and vibrant looks of a beard. In the summer, your carefully groomed SIK has a lot to suffer under the bright sun rays. In winter, (extreme) cold and (driving) rain with chemical residue also have their harmful effects.

But the sea and chlorine in a swimming pool also affect the quality and elasticity of the beard hairs. Therefore, always use a superior beard oil or argan oil to nourish the beard hairs and hair follicles as well as possible. Of course, applying a high-quality beard balm is also KEY. That protects, keeps it vibrant and in the right shape. There the beard hairs only purr like a cat in heat.

But also the indoor climate:

From open-plan offices with a malfunctioning climate system to working in a car garage with all the chemicals that are released in such an environment. All these components have an attack on your beard. On that note, your facial fur needs TLC. It really is a fragile thing. Don't just expose him to 'everything'.

What kind of shampoo do you use for your beard?

This is actually even more the rule than for the haircut on the head. Washing the beard (every day) with an ordinary shampoo is disastrous. To do this, use the special nourishing beard shampoos that ensure that the beard does not dry out and falls apart sadly like a gasping petunia. The home, garden and kitchen shampoo and soaps usually contain quite a lot of chemical and corrosive substances that attack your unfortunate beard.

Attention Santa!

Incidentally, the longer your beard is, the less you have to wash it with shampoo. A short beard develops the natural oils much faster than the long variety. The hair then needs much more time to oil itself. But you also feel that automatically. Washing a long beard too much makes it dull, dry, frizzy and barren. Note: The longer the beard, the more brittle .

A beard, just like the hair on the head, and the skin do flourish with natural products with organic ingredients and the necessary oils. With these components, the beard hairs and hair follicles are perfectly nourished and hydrated. So make sure you always use the right products so that your beard doesn't dry out, die and finally fall apart from misery.

How do you wash and dry your beard?

When you have washed your beard, it is best to pat it dry. Drying the hair in this way with a towel that is not too rough is best for the beard hairs. If you only use the air, the beard can become (too) dry. It is therefore important that you take some time for this. Don't rub (the hair will break!) But: dab Johny!

Of course you can also be tempted to use a hair dryer, but that will make your beard hyperventilate. The chances of damaging it are huge. A beard just needs TLC if it is to reach its full potential. Even bloom! And with hot air you blow the most life out of the hair.

It is of course important that you apply an excellent beard balm after showering and patting the beard dry. You should never skimp on that. You need the best ingredients to keep your pride in top condition. That doesn't happen automatically.

Do you follow a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy food and drink. Good night. These 3 components certainly contribute to healthy beard growth . A properly balanced diet works wonders. Not only for the entire physical and mental condition, but also for the beard (hair).

With the intake of the right nutrients you simply grow healthy hair. That's what makes the hair follicles buzz. In the event of a lack of biotin or folic acids, you will immediately see this in the quality of the hair. Also on the head. Drinking enough water is also a KEY FACTOR. Hydrate that trade!

Use a quality beard oil or balm

As we wrote above, the use of a quality beard balm and oil is extremely useful. A balm to nourish and keep the beard healthy, vibrant, shiny and in shape. With a balm you can bring the beard into the perfect shape through the hold .

The best beard oil has a nurturing character and is best applied in the evening. Like a serum. This keeps the beard in excellent condition. Of course we Alpha's have the most excellent beard products to keep your shine & armor as fit & rich as possible.

Your friends, The Alpha Men.