The great fables and myths about beards

De grootse fabels en mythes over baarden

Look. Men with beards aren't all fulminating Haddocks . Or that guys with facial hair have something to hide. If we are all hipsters. For example, there are quite a few prejudices about beards. Often nonsense. Yep, lots of fake beard news.

But also about how best to handle your beard. That if, for example, you have to drench it every day in special herbal tea so that it will be in a yin yang state. And so we can go on and on. The greatest fables and myths. About the man, the myth & the beard. Here's a catchy article from us. The reading Why a man should grow his beard at least once says enough.

What myths and fables are going around about the beard?

Quite a lot. That you are fishing all the women of the world into the saga that it is better not to apply for a job with a beard. Or that if you shave it off often, it will come back in an increasingly darker color. Let's put a few together for you.

1. With a beard you are 65% more likely to be scouted for a film role

This is of course reasonable quatsch. Why would you have a better chance with a beard? Yes, in typecasting a beard can be important. In a movie about Vikings. Or a documentary about barbers. Bringing fish sticks from the factory to the preschooler. Then of course yes.

2. If your beard is not completely filled in a few weeks, it will never become a full-fledged beard

No. You don't have to. Some beards just need more time to develop. The skin and hair follicles need time to follow your dream of a thick beard. It has to get going. But of course you can also give your beard a helping hand. We have described all this in a must read articleWhat can you do against bald spots in your beard .

3. You can wash your beard with any shampoo

If there's one myth, it's this one. Wash your beard with regular shampoo. Home – garden and kitchen stuff. Listen, if you want to kill your beard, you have to go mad every day in the shower and pour standard shampoo into your beard. Then you can be sure that it will soon be over and done with your flaxen friend.

Of vital importance? Wash your beard with a BEARD SHAMPOO. A caring, nourishing and moisturizing shampoo especially for the beard. Otherwise not! You can see the 10 best beard shampoo here.

4. If you shave your beard often, it will come back faster and with thicker hair

Very curious who ever wrote this nonsense. Or tapped. He was the latter. Or she. With this fable. It doesn't matter at all how often you saw off your beard. And the face is very slippery safety razor. No hair follicles are added due to shaving and the beard hairs remain of the same compound. That's genetically determined. Unless you've ever had a bite from a London Werewolf .

5. Your beard doesn't need any beard oil at all

If there is 1 fuel that is important, it is beard oil . Without beard oil, your beard can shake it. And your skin too. Especially if you want to grow a longer beard, you need a good beard oil.

Without this nourishing elixir, your beard will become dull, lifeless, bone dry and die. There is only 1 option – And that's massaging in a beard oil. Check out the 10 best beard oil products that are very popular among our bearded friends.

6. Wearing a beard in the summer heat is a complete disaster!

At first you might say that wearing a beard in the middle of summer is a very uncomfortable task. However, that is not the case. Look, a very thick and heavy beard may feel a bit warmer, but in general? No.

When you wear a beard of traditional length, it can even provide cooling. Plus a beard provides shade. This way your skin stays out of the bright sunlight. Second, it can provide a cooling evaporation effect when you sweat. Think of it as a thatched roof that breathes. A natural air conditioner. Voila.

7. The genes for beard hair come from the mother's side

That's what many men who lack enough hair follicles think . From those flaxboys. It must be the genes from the mother's side. But that's nonsense. It has been scientifically proven that you can inherit the genes of relatives from the entire family tree.

So not just from mom. For example, you may become bald because your great-grandfather had those genes. And he gave it to you as a gift. Or that you have Aunt Ada's curls. Who went to heaven in 1786.

8. A beard is dirty!

Of course there are those beard haters who trumpet that a beard is a dirty device. A dry sponge in which the most filthy substances are contained. And that a beard stinks. But the reality is that men with beards maintain them to perfection.

Remember, wearing a beard creates an iron discipline. Short or long: the beard must look in shape. And smell. By an excellent beard shampoo . You have them in the most diverse types and scents.

Bearded men have to fight off 'the females' who cling to the masculine and shiny beard like fruit flies. Thor spoke recently. That you know.

9. A beard kisses great…

No comment.

10. A beard makes you look much older

A beard gives you more seniority. Let's keep it at that. If your beard is silver-grey in cut, while you are 32, it is of course a different story. Also have solution for: beard dye .

If you suffer from a baby face, a beard can help you look more mature. You have those men who remain Bambi in appearance. Pharrell Williams (Happy) has a hand in that. Is 48 but looks 30'ish. With a beard he becomes much more masculine. Not so much older. So look older with a beard? I do not think so. Sturdy to the max . Yes.

11. People like to avoid men with tough beards

You may be mistaken as a member of a motorcycle gang. And if your posture also helps a notch, it can be daunting. Can people in the street think: ' ah I forgot something , so I'll just walk back' . But in general, of course, this is total nonsense. Men with beards, on the other hand, have a high cuddliness factor. It's that beard-wax massaged extra coat that does it. Still Wolfy?

12. Beards discolor continuously

Sucked right off the bat. A beard doesn't just fade. The biggest culprit is the sun. With its sparkling UV radiation. Or possibly chlorine in swimming water. That's because it turns out. But if you properly protect and moisturize your beard, you don't even have to. Guys, the best care is everything.

With a good beard care set, for example. The color of your beard is usually a few shades lighter than the hair on your head. Then you can make your beard just a little darker with the beard dye so that the color is more in line with your haircut.

13. All men with beards dart and drink!

Andy Fordham yes. That's right. RIP by the way. But this is purely out of the blue. Utter Bullseyesh*t.

The RealDeal

Of course there are many more fables, sagas and myths, but we will save those for next time. You know, wearing a beard is good for health, it makes you look more masculine and the facial hair offers good protection against the weather.

So take good care of him. Then you will enjoy it a lot. And don't care what others think. Beat them with our article Why growing a beard is actually very healthy, but just because of the red ears. Here are 6 hard facts why you should leave your beard. Or take the step to adopt a beard.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us. We even look forward to it!


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